Wappen Lavamünd



Hiking and climbing in Lavamünd

The silence of the mountains, the soft riversides and a diversity of leisure time facilities are a distinctive trademark of the most southern municipal in the Lavanttal/Carinthia.

Wandern On tagged hiking paths you can wander in Lavamünd and its area whereas you get an amazing panorama view on the varied landscape, valleys and mountains. The area is 94 square kilometers large.
Wandern While the deepest point on the sea level is Lavamünd (344m), the highest point here is the Dreieckkogel (1528m). Many streams and rivers float through Carinthia’s lowest summer resort. The area around Lavamünd contains numerous natural peculiarities, which are prominent nationwide.  Geology, relief, climatic vantage ground, rare plants and animals and its originality.

Discover the attractive, idyllic region for recovery, unfolding and taking a breath and in fact your happiness. Hiking maps and tips for your hike are available in our town hall and and at the tourist association in Lavamünd.