Wappen Lavamünd



Cyclist‘s paradise Lavamünd

Radfahren Lavamünd is located on the junction of two major routes. Here ends the Lavantradweg R10, on which you can cross the whole Lavanttal to the Murradweg, in the Drauradweg R1. The Drauradweg itself leads from East Tyrol (Silian) to Lavamünd and further to Slovenia. Both of the cycle ways are ideal for family tours.
Radfahren Lavamünd is perfect as stage of a journey also: neat accommodations and inns, bike-service in town and various shops invite you to stay. Worth a visit is also the geolocical trail directly on the Lavantradweg R10. It leads from Lavamünd along the Lavant through a particularly lovely landscape. The length is about 2,5 km.
Radfahren Besides both of these international bike ways, there are a number of well signposted cycling routes within the region of Lavamünd. For example there is the route to the Koglereck (sea level 1350m) with a breathtaking view on parts of Carinthia. But there are also bike ways, which lead across meadows and forests. Everybody can use these routes. In Lavamünd, there are signposted bike ways that have a length of more than 70 km altogether.

Enjoy the ride!