Wappen Lavamünd




Motorrad Lavamünd is the ideal starting point and terminus for exensive motorbike tours. In only a few kilometers distance to the town, there is a popular meeting point for motorcyclists on the Soboth. Kind shops offer anything the heart of a motorbike desires and there are numerous qualified motor vehicle workshops, where your motorbike can be whipped into shape.
An insider’s tip among the motorcyclists for sure is the A-Road Soboth B69. It is one of the most beautiful routes for bikers at all. Lavamünd sits on the bottom of the Soboth, which is called Route 69 among the bikers.

But be aware: If you tend to overestimate you should not underestimate this beautiful but winding road. The blissful Koralpe storage reservoir along this road is pent- in for a storage power station in 1080 m above sea level, but free to use for bathing.
The whole area of the southern Carinthia with its many lakes and mountain roads is easily accessible from Lavamünd. That is why our route ideas address to all those bikers, who are looking for a variety of a very attractive and natural landscape.
Furthermore, only a few kilometers away, you can tour in the neighboring Slovenia and Styria.

Convice yourself and have a rest in Lavamünd – it pays!

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