Wappen Lavamünd



Fishing & Rafting

Fischen The market town Lavamünd has been an item for the dedicated angler for many years. The old and rich tradition of fishing is especially referable to the variety of species in our rivers. All rivers of our country float through our town, because Lavamünd is located directly (344 m) at the Drau and the Lavant and enables anglers an easy access to the waters.
Fischen The reservoir arose through the two power stations by the Austrian-Hydro-Power. Calm, natural places inbetween the nature are a special adventure. Herons, ducks, swans and much more marine animals and riparian are part of the unlimited variety of species in our region. 

1060 m above sea level more experiences for anglers can be gathered on the storage reservoir Koralpe. On this page you find wide-ranging information. We hope that we can welcome you here as an angler! Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.